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   This is my first web, it is about the new AC (and DC) oil drilling rigs I have commissioned in the past 5 years, the first 3 years as a Field Engineer for GE and the past 18 months working for myself.   PLEASE EXCUSE THIS WEB, it is a work in progress.  I know it's ugly, I just figured out how to make this thing called a Web work!   It's just something to show off the work I do and some of the photos I've taken since I started working for myself.

I have been working on Drilling Rigs since 1978 when I quit Amtrak, as a Diesel Locomotive Electrician, to go to work for Tommy Green as a Rig Electrician on a big Baker Jack-Up.  I've been doing what you see on these pages ever since.

When I see Tommy I'm always of two minds: should I hug or slap him for what he did to me!


A Little AC Motors for Oil Drilling History:

For the last 50 years the Oil Drilling industry and the Locomotive industry has been told that they will never be able to use economical AC Motors because trains and drilling rig derricks (= the Drawworks or DW) require a million foot pounds at half a rpm (like a train starting out or a DW picking 1.5 million pounds of riser out of the slips) and ONLY an expensive, high maintenance, DC motor can deliver that kind of torque at low rpm's.  GE proved that wrong about 15 years ago when they introduced an AC Locomotive capable of pulling 100 cars.  When I started working for GE those AC motors and Inverters were being applied to Offshore Oil Drilling Rigs Drawworks (the drum winch that pulls the hook up the derrick).

Total GE Inverter and GE AC Motor drilling systems were applied the the Deepwater Drilling Ships and Semi-submersibles being built for Reading and Bates (now owned by Transocean) in Korea.  All other drilling systems being built at the same time used the GE AC Motors but with other Inverters with success.  GE used AC2000 Inverters line-ups fed DC by GE CB2000 power sources, about 6 AC2000 per 6 line-ups for redundancy.

  ZHONG YUAN RIG 18: the FIRST Land AC Rig for NOI @ Canada

This is me, in the middle, after completing the testing of ZHONG YUAN Rig 18 in Edmonton Canada.  We shipped it to Dubai for the Chinese after that cigar.   That's Mr. Yu to my right and the translator supplied by DRECO, David Jia, to my left.

We believe these new AC rigs will be the future of the drilling industry, and this is serial number 1 for land rigs.  I was sent to help in Canada and Dubai because of my experience with AC rigs on the offshore rigs.  Though my experience was with GE AC Inverters I was able to help NOI with these rigs with Vacon AC Inverters.  This AC system is air cooled, now NOI provides water cooled Vacon AC Inverters.

DC ZHONG YUAN RIG for S&S in Shanghai with Mr. Yu again

We had spent a month in Canada together doing the NOI AC Rig, now it's just after 9/11 and I'm in Shanghai with him again and we're putting together a DC rig with all GE DC2000 Drives.  This time the Chinese built the DW too, S&S just provided the SCR House.  Another cigar for Mr. Yu and I, we had just put on a big show for the Chinese Oil

The BIG thing about this rig is the DC motors are SERIES!  S&S is the ONLY company applying GE's DC2000 SCR's to Series DC Motors, Salem was clueless on how to tune the drive.

The Chinese LOVED the PC S&S installed that could run GE Toolbox and trend the drives as they ran.  Toolbox could also be used to change the programming of the drives, we trained the Chinese Electricians on how to transfer the software (the MP's are programmed differently than the DW) and read the error codes.


  The SSCV (Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel) Hermod, a Crane Barge with 2 7000 ton Cranes

This was a little 5 day job I had over a year ago in the Gulf of Mexico.  I was contracted by Heerema Group Services e.e.s.v., the Dutch owners of the Hermod, to fix an old GE Siltrol DC Drive for their Anchor Winch.  This is the only "little" job I've put on this site, I did it because it is different from the Drilling Rigs I work on and I got some GREAT photos waiting for a helicopter to go back.


   The GE IRAQ Rig, that's me, IDC bosses and Saddam's picture

I'm in the office of the head of oil drilling for Southern Iraq, on my right, and his Chief Engineer Mustafa.  Were at the Al Badar IDC complex South of AL Basrah in Southern Iraq.

We just built another rig for Iraq S&S calls a GE Micro Plus system, DC but not GE SCR Drives.  S&S used simple drives, quite a contrast to the digital GE Drives.  Both use the GE EGR Generator/Engine controls


All these rigs have GE AC2000 inverters, built in Korea they were the worlds first AC Drilling Rigs.  I was hired by GE as a Field Engineer to help with these new drilling rigs and a PLC retrofit to the Hulme, a 15 year old



This is my "baby" the Nautilus

Part of the deepwater fleet, check it out at Deepwater Drilling Rig.  I helped put it on that ship in Korea, it was taken to the Gulf of Mexico where it almost doubled the water depth record when it moored in 7500 feet of water.  It also broke another world record while it was in that depth; drilled the most expensive well ever at the BAJA wildcat well.


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You can contact me at rigman@acrigs.com

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Charlie's STUFF too good to put on my Personal Page

ALL This should go on my Personal page BUT, this is SO GOOD, and I don't have to hide it!  Here is a link to the finest piece of software ever written, Windows Commander!  It is a Windows Explorer sub with the old Norton Commander interface (but without the blue screens and it works GREAT in Windows and does FTP and .... well, you get the idea!).  Christian Ghisler, WC's author, just has a nag screen that asks you for $ to get rid of, no expiration after 30 days etc. like most other shareware.  And with Mr. Ghisler honorable way of asking for $ to support his writing, the whole thing fits of a floppy,


Don  Lancaster's
The Guru's Lair 

Here is a link to Don's Hardware Hacker site, another just too good to go anywhere but my Home Page.  Don would be a hero for me even if he wasn't a caver (Don's NSS # is 10,963, and MY NSS # is 8,333 the ONLY thing I'm ahead of Don on) he is on the cutting edge of electronic engineering (and a LOT of other things) today.  I especially admire his pseudoscience debunking, so much damage is done to the good science by the trash.


More Personal Stuff:

This is my brother, Mike Townsend
a musician who lives in Port Townsend WA.

More in my Personal Page


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