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Management/Engineering support for ship or rig construction/maintenance for jobs needing the writing and implementation of the most rigorous engineering requirements.

Summary of Experience 

      Briefing of senior management on operational implications and limitations of AC/DC PLC systems.

      Expert Field Engineer with GE Drives; especially AC and DC offshore deepwater oil Drilling Rigs.

      Over 35 years experience electrical/electronic troubleshooting, installation and completion testing.

      25 years experience as an Electrician / ET on all types of large Oil Drilling Rigs with SCR Drives.

      Work safety: never had a Lost Time accident.

      Successfully trained national crews in high American standards of electrical/electronic maintenance.

      Skilled at troubleshooting all electronic systems at the hardware and software level.

      Licensed Master Electrician, Florida test.

      Extensive experience with repairing Air Conditioning controls and MECHANICAL systems.

      Proficient computer user: AutoCAD, MS Office and Project, raster conversion, and networking.

      Proven at solving configuration and hardware problems with Personal and Industrial Computers.

      Setup and monitored Preventive Maintenance to significantly improve downtime on Drill Rigs.

      Troubleshot and solved many electronic/electric problems no one else could fix.

      Developed and implemented Compliance Tests for new rigs and equipment installation.

      Can provide tools, meters, PC (with EPROM programmer and PLC interface) and test equipment.

      Expert at Reverse Engineering hardware and software with no documentation.

      Work with Assembly, C++, HTML, Basic and Forth code in my electronic shop and/or the field.


Organizing and motivating large staffs of engineering, technical and construction supervising personnel; and negotiating work order changes with shipyards and/or contractors to ensure conformance with project schedules and cost constraints.  Offering expertise in conceptual design, engineering and physical layout of electrical high and low voltage power generating and distribution systems for offshore industrial and/or marine vessels.

As a Field Engineer for GE I worked worldwide in all industries; Plastics, Metals, Paper, Marine and especially Oil Drilling.  I taught many classes, in Houston, for GE on their DC Drilling Rig Drives (Generation I, II, & III and MicroDrill 1000 & 2000) and the 752 DC Drilling Motor.  I worked extensively with R&B Falcon Drilling (now Transocean SEDCO Forex) on their Deepwater Drilling Rigs startup in Korea shipyards and maintaining their AC Drilling Motors (with AC2000 IGBT inverters fed with CB2000 DC SCR rectifier source) worldwide.  Successfully installing remote diagnostics on these rigs with UC2000 computers that can link up to their GE systems from anywhere in the world.

Also in my career I have had the opportunity to work extensively with: AutoCAD and Computer Programming (PLC, SCADA), design and repair of electronics, computers and software, Motor Control and Air Conditioning.  I have experience with implementation of Preventive Maintenance data analysis, management, and auditing (ISO9000) programs.  I can provide my own tools, test equipment, notebook PC (equipped with GE Toolbox, AutoCAD and PLC software), portable color printer, EPROM programmer and Logic Analyzer (all packed for air travel), with a complete electronic-computer shop/office in my home to draw resources from.

I have supervised and trained all the Electricians and Electronic Technicians on two Semi-Submersible rigs (Willrig’s Winner and Legend, my former Penrod rigs), in Brazil, working only one week a month on each rig.  The Legend, a forth generation Simi Submersible, held the Wilrig record for least down time 1993 and 1994 with my all Brazilian crew.  I Worked also in the Wilrig Lafayette office where I set up an electronics shop: building a Bi-M (an old 16 bit PLC Rig Management System based on the TI9900) simulator, repairing boards, and going to rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.



1965 – 1966 & 1970 – 1974     Purdue University    Lafayette & Calumet Campus in Indiana

Electronic Engineering

Completed 39 hours (before Vietnam [at the Purdue Lafayette Campus] and after my military service, part time [at the Calumet Campus, with help of the GI Bill], while I worked full time at Inland Steel), I was enrolled in advanced math and physics courses.  I didn’t complete my EE degree.

1966 - 1967            USAF Electronics and Auto Pilot School                  Chanute AFB

Electronics Technician Certification: 7 Level @ E5 at Chanute AFB School: the longest (56 weeks: 26 weeks electronics and 20 weeks systems) school in the USAF

Served the next 3 years in Taiwan and Vietnam where I learned to speak (Mandarin and street Taiwanese), read and write Chinese.  A lot of it came back to me when I worked in China with Dual: an advantage of learning younger.  I do not have that advantage with my Spanish and Portuguese, BUT I learned those two languages less than 30 years ago.






My involved job history experience is more due to the fickle nature of the oil drilling business than any lack of loyalty and dedication on my part.





































My involved job history experience is more due to the fickle nature of the oil drilling business than any lack of loyalty and dedication on my part.




2002 April - present                   C. R. Townsend Inc.      Houston TX

Field Engineer: Self Employed Service Provider: Drilling and Industrial Systems

Supervised the Startup of NOI’s first AC Land Rig (using Vicon Inverters) in Edmonton CA (DRECO) and Dubai, also did their NOI’s AC Land Rig (the Pioneer 7) in Zapata TX.  Through NOI (for billing and Insurance) I have done many jobs for Transocean and HiTec Offshore on the Deepwater rigs I supervised the GE drives in Korea.
For S&S I have commissioned two GE DC rigs, one in China and another in Iraq last year. 
Worked many times in Edmonton CA for the DRECO Fabrication Yard testing their new 4000 to 6000 hp Drawworks and presenting qualification data to their customers. 

1998 – 2002 April                       GE Industrial Systems  Houston TX

Field Engineer: Metals, Paper, Plastics, and Marine Industrial Systems

Repair and Installing AC and DC Drives, PLC systems, and HMI.  Taught classes for GE on their Drilling Drive systems.  GE Field Engineer’s schools for; ACDCEx2000, Ex2000, DC300, Innovation, Fanuc 90/30 & 90/70 PLC.  Also successfully worked on all GE Drives and Fanuc PLC systems in the Metals, Paper, Plastic, and Marine Industries.  Installed PLC replacements for all relays on Generation III GE on the Transocean M G HULME JR.

1997 - 1998                                Transocean Offshore    Houston TX

Senior Electronic Technician: Driller

Set up new ET Shop on the Driller (with SIMRAD; [trained in Norway for] DP system) in Nigeria.

1995 - 1997                                Broughton Drilling        Houston TX

Rig Electrician / ET: Mr. Bice

Repaired ISC SCR problems and put rig drawings into AutoCAD.

1994 - 1995                                Dual Drilling                  Houston TX

Electric / Electronic Troubleshooter: floating

Worked in China (a lot of my 30 year old Mandarin came back) on Ross Hill and Varco Top Drives.

1992 – 1994                               Wilrig USA                    Houston TX

Senior ET / Electrician for TWO Rigs: Legend and Winner

Trained and assisted Brazilians to take over electrical/electronics maintenance. They are the most complex Semi-Submersible rigs in the world with a TOTAL National Maintenance Crew.

1991 - 1992                                Global Marine Drilling Co.  Lafayette LA

Rig Electrician: Biscay II then the Compact Driller

Worked on Commission Testing of the Compact Driller, the last new 116 LeTourneau from Vicksburg.

1990 - 1991                                Flint Drilling of South America        ,     East Venezuela

Electrical Superintendent: Land Rigs

1990 - 1990                                ODECO Drilling             Houston TX

Rig Electrician: Ocean Voyager

1989 - 1990                                Penrod Drilling             Lafayette LA

Rig Electrician: Penrod 87 then Penrod 76

1989 - 1989                                Hercules Drilling Co.    Lafayette LA

Rig Electrician: Hercules II

1988 - 1989                                Dolphin Titan Inc.         Lafayette LA

Rig Electrician: DT-105

1988 - 1988                                Broughton Drilling Co.  Houston TX

Rig Electrician: Mr. Bice (the second time I worked for Mr. Broughton)

1987 - 1988                                GH Hensley Inc.                Dallas TX

Lead Electrician: nights in large Steel Casting plant.

1986 - 1987                                Paragon Property Mgt.     Dallas TX

Maintenance Manager: 380 unit apartment complex

1985 - 1986                                Broughton Drilling Co   Houston TX

Rig Electrician: Broughton II (the first time I worked for Mr. Broughton)

1984 - 1985                                Shilling Chilling Co.   Indianapolis IN

Chief Electrician: the largest heating and cooling Co. in Indianapolis

1982 - 1984                                Townsend Electric Inc. Bloomington IN

Licensed Master Electrician: self-employed

1981 - 1982                                SEDCO International     Houston TX

Rig Electrician: SEDCO 700 then the 702

1979 - 1981                                Diamond M Co.             Houston TX

Rig Electrician

1975 - 1979                                AMTRAK Diesel Shop  New Orleans LA

Locomotive Electrician

1973 - 1975                                Toyota Equipment Sales     Jackson MS

Service Manager: Electric (SCR), Propane, and Gas/Diesel Forklifts



Born January 8, 1948       Citizen and Resident of USA        in good health


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