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This should go on my links page BUT, this is SO GOOD, and I don't have to hide it!  Here is a link to the finest piece of software ever written, Windows Commander!  It is a Windows Explorer sub with the old Norton Commander interface (but without the blue screens and it works GREAT in Windows and does FTP and .... well, you get the idea!).  Christian Ghisler, WC's author, just has a nag screen that asks you for $ to get rid of, no expiration after 30 days etc. like most other shareware.  And with Mr. Ghisler honorable way of asking for $ to support his writing, the whole thing fits of a floppy.

Trust me here; just download from this link and install it.  YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!


Don  Lancaster's
The Guru's Lair

Here is a link to Don's Hardware Hacker site, another just too good to go anywhere but my Home Page.  Don would be a hero for me even if he wasn't a caver (Don's NSS # is 10,963, and MY NSS # is 8,333 the ONLY thing I'm ahead of Don on ;-) he is on the cutting edge of electronic engineering (and a LOT of other things) today.  I especially admire his pseudoscience debunking, so much damage is done to the good science by the trash.

The best surplus resource of them all: Am Sci & Surp
     Chicago's legendary JerryCo has long since been renamed American
     Science and Surplus. Nothing else comes even remotely close.

 Scott Adams' Dilbert Zone
       The Guru and Swami's union local #204 rules demand that all
        technical Internet sites have a Dilbert and Dogbert link.

 Phillip Winn's Barking Spider
       Git yer Aggie blond redneck lawyer jokes here on this humor page.
       Several dozen categories, new jokes of the day, lots more.

 J.R. "Bob" Dobb's Church of the Sub-Genius
       By far the finest religion anytime, ever. Their foremost goal is
       the unending pursuit of "slack". This one is way beyond beyond.

Aerial and Satellite Photos from Microsoft Terraserver
     Enormous data base covers many parts of the world with down to
     one pixel per meter resolution. Fly over your house!

 Seth Friedman's Factsheet Five
      The "must have" underground review guide to 'zines, newsletters and
       labor-of-love pubs. There's something here to offend everyone.
















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