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The Iraq Rigs and My Trip to Iraq

Small Maps and My Iraq Visa:

I started flying from Houston to Amsterdam, from there to Amman Jordan.  In Amman I spent a day getting a Visa for going to Iraq, You can see it here.  If you read it you can also see the 'root' of our problems with Iraq, but that's a topic of another web.  I took Royal Jordanian from Amman to Baghdad.

Here are some smaller maps of where I went on my first trip to Iraq.


Photo's from Iraq;

  This is the Rig, the gray box, we built in Houston.
It's set up in an IDC (Iraq Drilling Company) yard 30 miles South of Al Basrah Iraq, the Mast is down on the DW to the left of the gray SCR House.

This is one of the few photos taken outside, I wasn't told NOT to take photos outside, but we might have problems explaining what I was doing IF a soldier/guard would see me and ask questions.  We were in a restricted zone; everyday we passed through a gate, guarded by soldiers, about a mile from where the Iraq's were setting up the rig.  Check GE Power IRAQ for a lot more photos of (and around) this rig and trip.

   This is the Iraqi Crew that helped and sheltered me while I was in Iraq. 
In the back smiling is Abu Danny (father of Danny) who headed the crew from KTS.  In the white shirt is Mustafa, Chief Engineer for  (IDC), next to him is their engineer who worked daily with me to learn the new GE DC2000 SCR equipment.
Abu Danny lived in Baghdad, but stayed in the Hotel with me while I was in Al Basrah.  He would be in charge of talking to the soldiers who ask what I was doing there and handing tip to the guards every Thursday, the day before their holy day Friday.

   This is Mohammad (the BIG one, he lived in Al Basrah) and Hussam John Blaney (he was raised in Al Basrah, lives now in Baghdad), more of the KTS crew that came from Baghdad with me.  To see more photos follow the GE Power IRAQ link.



The S&S GE Micro + Rig going to Iraq

   This is the new rig we just shipped to Iraq.  Here you can see (the open door) the GE EGR Generator Control that we used on the other Rig, but here we used Analog SCR's instead of the digital DC2000's on the GE Rig.  We call this one our S&S GE Micro + Rig, it is quit a contrast to the other GE rig: the SCR's are KISS simple compared to the DC2000's

To see more photos, taken at S&S here in Houston, click HERE.



Here are some bigger maps to see where I was, double click on them to see enlarged.


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