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Here the rig I did 9-11.   It was for S&S and all GE DC2000 drives and the 2'ent rig for Zhong Yuan, [see NOI First AC Rig], this time I was working for S&S not NOI.  I worked and traveled with Juan Ramblas, S&S PLC Field Engineer, I was along to commission the GE DC2000 Drives and its computer interface.  We left Houston September 10 and took the Continual flight from Newark to Hong Kong that fly's over the North Pole and Russia  and arrived the same evening, happens going West, we lost a day going back.  Juan called my hotel room 4 AM to tell me to to turn on the TV to CNN, I protested but he insisted and I did, just in time to see the 2'ent plane hit.

We spent the next day with the S&S Hong Kong people getting our visas to enter the PRC, we got a plane to Shanghai the next day, they were flying in Asia.  It was a hard trip woundering what was going on at home, but we could get news in China, better than Iraq.


Nancy our Transulator

Nancy again, our office is on the 3'rd floor of the building behind her

Mr. Yu and I


Juan and I and Chinese Enginner

Juan Ramblas doing his thing with the GE Power Limit

Juan still working the Power Limit

Mr. Joe, the man in charge

Mr. Yu ???

All they had wired when we got there 9/13/2001


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